Markus Breuss, an emblematic figure of creative freedom, is an eclectic and innovative composer, trumpeter and creator of electronic music and one of the most singular composers and multi-instrumentalists within the European musical scene. Alternating between Spain with extended periods in India, Breuss combines oriental influences with classical, popular, and experimental elements in his music. He is the founder of the innovative Spanish group Clonicos and breaks new ground in his improvisational work with Scorecrackers, Kalimpong Trio and the Trio Peregrino.
Markus Breuss was born in Altstätten (Switzerland) in 1956. His father Joseph Breuss, a trumpet player in the Symphony Orchestra of St. Gallen, taught him how to play the trumpet, and launched his performing career as a trumpet player in the Opera Aida by Verdi. Grounded in classical music, he branched out into jazz and rock, and soon began to develop his own sound .
Markus Breuss has registered more than 2008 works, and collaborated with artists/groups such as Malcolm Goldstein, Taller de Musica Mundana, Derribos Arias, Los Pekenikes, Fatima Miranda, Finis Africae, Mil Dolores Pequeños and Macromassa to name just a few.
Markus Breuss has performed at numerous prestigious venues including Fundacion Joan Miro (Barcelona), Arco (Madrid), New Jazz Festival Moers (Germany), Actual Festival (Logroño), LEM-Festival (Barcelone), International Festival of Electroacoustic Music (Madrid), Hurta Cordel Festival of Improvised Music (Madrid), Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (Madrid), and the National Auditorium of Music (Madrid), Impromusica Fes (Yokohama), etc.
His compositions have been played all over Europe, in Uruguay, Morocco, India and Japan.
In 2001, he opened the Spanish concert of the SUN RA Archestra in Huesca with his solo performance of “Awake Hu”. In June 2007, he premiered a solo concert for trumpets, experimental electronic sounds and field-recordings and recently, he toured Japan with Tsukiko Amakawa, his co-musician in the Duo FAKTOR BOSSAR.
Markus Breuss lives at the Costa del Sol in Spain, where he is regarded a very special figure in the local high-life. His passion for music is only equaled by his love for Indian cooking.
(Victor Nubla)


-Seguridad y Televisión (cassette, Cloned Tapes, 1984)
-Tubes and Cubes (cassette, Toracic Tapes, 1989)
-Desnudo (Hyades Arts, 1992 / Doronko Records, 2000, cassette - CD)
-Awake Hu (CD, CEDI, 1999)
-Zwei Kompositionen (CD, Doronko Records, 1999)
-Muda na Kenshin - Devoción Inútil (CD, Doronko Records, 021, 2000)
-Conferencia Sonora (CD, Doronko Records 025, 2002)


-Richard Kimball es inocente (partes l a lV) (Schwarzkopf", cassette, Toracic -Tapes, 1989)
-Entschlüsse ("Franz Kafka", cassette, Hyades Arts, 1991)
-An Urban Meeting ("Audioscope", CD, Geometrik, 1992)
-The Return of Monster Magnet ("Unmatched Evangelio 2º", CD, Hall Of Fame, 1997)
-Modelo Piloto 2.5 (Book-Record "Laboratorio", El Europeo, 2001)
-Markus Breuss_Nilo Gallego: LeonCage (CD, Doronko Records, 2001)

with Clónicos:

-Aspetti Diversi (LP/CD, Linterna, 1985)
-Figuras Españolas (LP, Gasa, 1988)
-Copa De Veneno (CD/LP/cassette, Ed. Cúbicas, 1990)
-Esquizodelia (CD, Triquinoise, 1995)
-Clónicos/1996 - El mundo del fin del tiempo (Soundtrack) (CD, Doronko, 2001)
-Burnt Hits (CD, Doronko, compilation, 2002)

with OCQ:

-OCQ (LP/CD, Linterna, 1986)
-Metalógica (LP, Linterna, 1988)

with Scorecrackers:

-Eating Flowers (CD, Por Caridad, 1997)
-x2 d2 (unpublished track on "Trienni" CD, G3G/Talp Club, 1999)

with Kalimpong Trio:
Markus Breuss - Margarita Blanca Laginestra - Victor Manuel M. Vázquez

-Washi Chiyogami (CD, Hazard Records, 2000)

with Trio Peregrino:
Gregorio Kazaroff - Iñaki Rios - Markus Breuss:

-En el Albergue de Peregrinos (CD recorded -live- in León, Doronko Records, 2002)

with Breuss Arrizabalaga Quintet:

-Concert for Kowald (CD, Hazard Records, 2003)
-Breuss Arrizabalaga Quintet: Nfamoudou-Boudougou (CD, Hazard Records, 2004)

with Faktor Bossar:

-Tsukiko Amakawa-Markus Breuss: Slow & Hard (CD, Doronko Records, 2003)
-Markus Breuss-Tsukiko Amakawa: 7 pm Eastern Wartime (CD, Doronko Records, 2003)
-Faktor Bossar (Breuss_Amakawa): Days of Cries and Poses (CD, Doronko Records, 2005)


Los Cipreses 19
29780 Nerja (Málaga) - Spain

e-mail: m_breuss@yahoo.es
phone: +34 697 760 411


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