IMAXINA Festival 2007
Markus Breuss
Chips y Columnas De Aire (Chips and Air Columns)
Markus Breuss describes his own show as an electroacoustic ritual: with the help of digital sound processors and field recordings, he produces alternative sounds and tunes. The trumpets he uses are varied, and include the Australian didgeridoo, the Tibetan kang-ling (manufactured with a human thighbone), the Indian shanka (a type of sea shell), the Bolivian pututu, etc. His contribution to modern music is one of merger of electronics —and the different possibilities it provides— with the natural sounds of the instruments he plays, including a number of small percussion devices that enrich his music.
Markus Breuss has worked and recorded with pop, rock, jazz, improvisation and experimental ensembles, as well as with classical and contemporary music groups. In 2001, he played is Huesca (Spain) as the supporting instrumentalist for a Sun Ra Arkestra concert, led by Marshall Allen.
Apart form composing for his own musical projects, (O.C.Q., Clónicos, Scorecrackers, Faktor Bossar, etc.), he has often been commissioned to write symphonic and electroacoustic compositions.
· Markus Breuss: Western trumpet, ethnic trumpets and electronics

März 9, 2008


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